The chains are made of different SUS300 stainless steel products according to different applications.
Each link of the production process is monitored closely by the plant's ISO9001 quality assurance system, and the high quality and widely used products are adequate for the working environment requiring high corrosion resistance and high or low temperature.
When customers have special requirements about the lubrication, we can also provide pre-lubrication using the lubricant approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. Such lubricant can meet the hygienic standard in food industry.

Bushing and roller of such stainless steel roller chain are all molded with cold extrusion and the link joint is hardened through several times of cold roll.
These technologies can make sure that the tensile strength of XMPOWER stainless steel roller chain is 25% higher than the one of similar products of other brands
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Stainless Steel Chains
Stainless Steel Chains  
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