Our factory gets approved by API and it is specialized in producing oil field roller chain. In order to ensure the high reliability of these chains, the process technology of parts is of crucial importance. Compared with the manufacturing of other chains, it has the following characteristics:

Link joint: 
Wider waist can improve the link joint fatigue strength;Higher grade of alloy steel materials and strictly controlled chemical composition give consistent heat treatment results;
Ball drift calibration after heat treatment and the existence of compressive pre-stress give it optimal ability to resist crack advance;
Pin bores of loose plates for connecting links have a slightly conical shape that ends in an iterference fit so that when installed the fatigue resistance of the chain is not reduced.  
Axis pin, bushing, roller:
Optimized carbonitriding heat treatment process allows the axis pin to keep nearly perfect linearity;
Bushing and roller formed with extrusion have higher roundness, axiality and surface roughness;
Furnace atmosphere is detected and controlled exactly by the heat treatment facilities;
Reliable detection methods from specialized laboratories are used.

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